Cora Reviews

“Susan has created a magical book that transports readers of all ages into a world of imagination operating on an ethical foundation that inspires goodness and hope. I know children will love this book, but it could be even more meaningful to parents.”

— Will Wilkinson
Senior Consultant, Luminary Communications

“Susan’s beautiful story points to the power of love and new ways of living on Earth as conscious beings. The story itself activated our family of five into a deeper connection, not only with ourselves and each other, but also with life itself. Life becomes magical through a curious mind and a loving compassionate heart.”

— Susana Mei Silverhøj
Creator of Life Intelligence Education

“Not So Little Cora, has a message that can be felt and understood at every age. Cora’s experience with her grandfather’s passing as he slips into “the big love that life is” is a beautiful model of a way to provide comfort and solace to a child experiencing loss of a loved one.”

— Gwen Mazer
Author of Wise Talk Wild Women

“Not So Little Cora went straight to my heart.”
—Hugo- Age 8